I have this picture, taken form here:

Budapest Lockers

So I know there are lockers in there. The thing is that they don't seem big enough to hold large luggage (i.e. 70cm/27inches). Does anybody knows if perhaps the other side has larger ones?

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The official page has this:

Csomagmegőrző automaták az utascsarnokban, a nemzetközi pénztárhoz közeli bejárattól megközelítve balra találhatóak. Kisebb méretű automaták belső mérete: 350 mm X 500 mm X 750 mm Nagyobb méretű automaták belső mérete: 500 mm X 600 mm X 750 mm

storage lockers are located in the passenger hall, to the left of the entrance close to the international ticket office. Internal dimensions of smaller machines: 350 mm X 500 mm X 750 mm Internal dimensions of larger machines: 500 mm X 600 mm X 750 mm

The map is bilingual. (surprise!)

I have asked the local community whether the storage lockers are operational, I will update when we get an answer.

  • Ah I see! So they seem to be really deep right? I saw some large ones in Keleti like here but they seem to have a different structure altogether.
    – Zerjack
    Aug 15 at 0:16

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