I have a fully bought ticket for an Italian IntercityNotte from Rome to Palermo (Sicily) in August, bought directly from Trenitalia

However, after looking at the official channel of information Viaggiatreno and the Trenitlia app, it appears that my train is either not the right one (the app states that my ICN is going to Siracuse and not Palermo) or times are all wrong (the website states that my ICN is supposed to depart and arrive 2h after the original train booked time)

These are the info on my tickets :

  • ICN 1975
  • 03/08/2022
  • Rome Termini (20:31) - Palermo Centrale (09:24)

However :

  • Both the app and the site (when looking by train number) states that ICN1975 is scheduled to depart as usual but then the destination is advertised as Siracusa with no stops in Palermo
  • The site, when making a plan a journey query with the appropriate details, states that the same train number is scheduled to depart Rome at 22:31 with an arrival at Palermo 2h later than booked at 11:24

The RFI Timetable PDF for Roma Termini states, on page 102 that my train is scheduled to run as expected.

Since the call center number is tolled, I am not keen on calling them.

Is there a way, short of calling them, to validate that my train will leave as expected?

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After finding the aforementioned RFI Timetable, I can comfortably put that fear of not getting that train to programmed mishaps and be assured that my train is scheduled as bought.

Indeed, on summer periods, ICN1975 does go from Roma Termini onto Siracusa departing at 20:13.
But at Messina Centrale, the train split up between the continuing ICN1975 and the new ICN1957 that continues to Palermo. No changes necessary

What caused the confusion, is that that train change is nowhere to be seen on Trenitalia's website, from a booking perspective I would only ride on 1975, which ends at Siracusa, and not on 1957. And that the 22:13 given by ViaggiaTreno doesn't exist in official timetable

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    Just make sure you get on the right part of the train! Jul 18 at 15:43
  • @WeatherVane Most night trains require reservations, and many night trains check tickets at the door, which makes getting on the wrong part difficult.
    – gerrit
    Jul 20 at 9:29
  • @gerrit Actually, you can mess that up, and the Italian railways thought about it. These ICNs are trains that goes on a ferry to cross the strait, and there are the deck of the ship that are accessible. People often climb in the wrong split of the train after going on the ferry deck, thankfully Trenitalia actually made the last stop before the split longer to allow for the few passengers to reach the correct carriages (the trains are split directly on the ferry due to how loading works) Jul 22 at 13:09

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