I have read this post: Old Passport with US Visa FNU and I understood what the US travel website recommends. But I want to know the answer in the context of my current situation in the travelling steps listed below:

As per my knowledge, the following are the steps to travel the to US as a student:

  1. Recieve an I-20 from a university
  2. Get an F1 Visa from a US Embassy/Consultate.

I am here right now

  1. Board on a flight the to US
  2. Get the I-94 at the Port of Entry
  3. Get Social Security Number, Drivers license etc.

Table 1:

My passport has the following mistake:

Surname Given Name

Table 2:

Whereas my real name should look like this:

Surname Given Name

I learned about the name error in step 2 above, during my biometrics just before my Visa Interview. It was too late for me to get a new passport with the correct details, so I had to proceed with step 2 with my erroneous passport.

Table 3:

Hence, my US visa stamp has been issued with:

Surname Given Name

Now, I have less than 4 weeks of time before I reach step 3. My question is should I even bother getting my passport updated with the correct details as mentioned in Table 2.

If I get a new passport with the name details corrected as per Table 2 and don't get my visa stamp updated, will I face any issues while entering the US or with government authorities such as DMV or while getting an SSN?

At this moment I cannot get my Visa stamp updated since there are no appointment slots available at the nearest US embassy.

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    What country are you from? In some countries like Malaysia, even for people who have names which can actually be separated in given name/surname, passports only carry a single "name", with everything in the the surname and no given name, so you just can't get it "corrected" because it is considered correct.
    – jcaron
    Jul 12 at 13:01
  • @jcaron my passport is Indian.
    – Dipunj
    Jul 13 at 8:06


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