I will be going to Dublin in a few days, but I can't find what are the prices for a given bus ride in Dublin when using Dublin Bus specifically

DublinBus states :

Leap Cash
Short Zone €1.30● €1.70
Long Zone €2.00● €2.60
Xpresso €2.40● €3.00

But I'm having trouble figuring which routes are counted in each fare category.

Looking about the route 41 starting from the Airport, I would assume that such route would be priced as an Long Zone route, but I am not sure.

I will be ordering a Leap Card, so that is more to gauge how much to top-up on order.

  • This page shows the bus zones. Jul 2, 2022 at 15:55
  • If you're trying to get from the airport to the city center, the Aircoach is much faster and more frequent. It is more expensive at EUR 7.00, though, and I believe you get tickets on your phone instead of using a Leap card. Jul 2, 2022 at 16:55
  • @WeatherVane: That map is for multi-ride commuter tickets, and it doesn't seem to correlate with the short/long options for single rides. Jul 2, 2022 at 16:57
  • @NateEldredge Yes, I have looked that up, but sadly doesn't match with the flights I am taking Jul 2, 2022 at 16:59
  • It looks like the AirCoach runs from 05:55 to 01:25. You're really arriving in the "wee hours"? Jul 2, 2022 at 17:01

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I found the Dublin Bus page on the TFI Leap Card site that states that a Long Zone trip is a trip more than ~3km in length :

For short single journeys tell the driver your destination and hold your TFI Leap Card to the target on the driver’s ticket machine. The correct fare will be deducted for your journey.

For journeys over 3km / involving transfer / Nitelink use the Validator on the right hand side as you enter the bus. The appropriate fare will be deducted from your Travel Credit

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