I want to find a roundtrip flight with flexible dates and flexible airports. Flightsfinder.com provided a nice price grid, but the airports are fixed. Does a flight finding service exist where it is possible to provide multiple airports (as in Booking.com) and flexible departure and arrival dates altogether ?

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    Google Flights?
    – xngtng
    Jun 27 at 12:25

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https://matrix.itasoftware.com/ can search multiple airports (both arrival and departure). You can either search +- 2 days or an entire month.

You can also specify (or exclude) specific airlines, alliances, layover cities, duration limits, etc.

  • Yes, it provides all the needed information. However, it says that I can't directly book the flight online. I have to visit a travel agent with all the codes for the final purchase.
    – ashfaq92
    Jun 27 at 13:48
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    Google Flights uses the exact same search engine and gives you a link for booking.
    – JonathanReez
    Jun 27 at 16:50
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    @ashfaq92 it's for finding a flight. once you have decided which flight you want, you can book that online like any other; just not from a link directly from ita.
    – Aganju
    Jun 27 at 17:00
  • what is a recommended way to buy the ticket? Can I (not a travel agent) get access to whatever website it is that takes the code and money and gives tickets? If not, is there a cheep online travel agent service that would do that for minimal fees?
    – HanMah
    Jun 28 at 11:08
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    The best way is to book directly with the airline. In most cases you will get the same or a very similar price. On the rare occasions, that you don't you can try something like bookwithmatrix.com . Just cut and paste from matrix and they will give you bookable links. Recently they only show OneTravel and Priceline so they might have been bought.
    – Hilmar
    Jun 28 at 11:54

Kayak will do this for you (at least for me, sitting in the US—its capabilities may be different elsewhere.) For example, here are the results for a 6-night round trip from the NYC area to the LA area.

You do have to visit an external website (the airline or another third-party reseller) to actually book the ticket. Unlike the ITA Matrix, though, Kayak provides the necessary links.


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