I am travelling to Canada for 5 days on holiday in a week. I will be travelling on my US passport from Heathrow to Montreal.

I received both doses in Wales where I was given a Welsh vaccine card with handwritten details on the dates/kind/batch number as well as my name and date of birth.

I have been trying to get the NHS Covid Pass to work but currently it only shows the first dose, so while I can acquire/print a PDF with a QR code for dose 1, I cannot do the same for dose 2, or have a single "official" document stating I am fully vaccinated. I have been trying to rectify this for months without any progress.

Will the Welsh vaccine card be accepted? Will the card in addition to the 1st dose PDF be a good idea or more likely to be confusing and refused entry? Is there anything I can/should do in this situation?

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    Since the PDF is a confirmation of the first dose stated on the card, it may help for the second if there are doubts about the card. Jun 17 at 8:51
  • @MarkJohnson Thank you, I'll print it off then:)
    – chocol4te
    Jun 17 at 9:04
  • Is your Welsh vaccine card bilingual? Jun 17 at 15:11
  • @DJClayworth yes, it is
    – chocol4te
    Jun 18 at 7:33

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Yes, it will be accepted. Vaccine verification is generally extremely lax when crossing international borders, so any official paper showing you have the right number of vaccinations will do just fine.

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