I am a citizen of Mauritius and I currently living in Mauritius. I need to collect my MVV visa at the embassy of the Netherlands in Tanzania and I need to fill the MVV form beforehand. However in the MVV form, I find this part confusing.

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Given my nationality is Mauritian and I will be visiting Tanzania for collecting my MVV visa, does this mean I am residing in another country (Tanzania) other than the country of my current nationality (Mauritius) while collecting/processing my MVV visa?

Kindly advise if anyone had a similar experience. Thank you in advance.

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    Visiting is not residing.
    – littleadv
    Jun 9 at 21:31

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No. Based on what you've written in the question, you are travelling to Tanzania for a short time to collect the visa, but your home address will still be in Mauritius. The question asks where you reside - that means it is about where you live (not just where you happen to be located at a particular moment), so the answer here is "No".

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