I am looking to book a Brittany Ferries return service from St-Malo (France) to Portsmouth with a car, however it is not registered to my name.

I do have the owner permission (I can have a signed letter from them if needed) to do that trip with the car.

I have never taken a car-ferry before, so I don't know if, at boarding, they would ask to see the registration (nothing is mentioned on their website), and if so, would fact that the registration certificate names differ deny me boarding?

  • And do you have insurance cover, both in France and UK? I have taken a vehicle on cross-channel return journeys from UK (not recently), and been a passenger on other visits. I don't recall being asked for any documentation of the vehicle. Jun 8 at 19:12
  • ...and Brittany Ferries doesn't mention vehicle documents in "The check-in procedure". Jun 8 at 19:22
  • 1
    Regular user of Brittany Ferries here. We've never been asked to show proof of ownership. You will need to give the correct number plate when booking. Jun 9 at 9:39


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