I need to be in Yasmine Hammamet early in the morning. Around 09:30, so taking the train is not a possibility.

I've read that there are buses going from Tunis to Hammamet, but I couldn't find any other info about this. Where to they depart from? Where do they stop? How long does the trip cost?

I've thought getting a Bolt or taxi, given that it seems to be under 20 euros, but I can't figure if that's realistic or drivers will refuse to make such a long trip. Is this possible?

  • Is going to Hammamet the previous day and staying overnight an option? Jun 5 at 16:32
  • But Tunis to Hammamet is under an hour by taxi (66km), I doubt you'll have any trouble finding a driver, particularly if you can book with someone the previous day. Jun 5 at 16:33


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