I'm about to get a bus pass for reduced fare in the state of Michigan, I qualify with both Scoliosis and Autism. But, reading the application, it states a copy of a valid ID must be enclosed. This means a valid ID card, right? Or does a printed copy of both side suffice? Just checking to make sure. southeast Michigan SMARTbus system.

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    I don't know the answer to your question, and it might be easier for for a Travel.SE reader to respond if we could see the application page itself. In any event, the SMARTbus system surely doesn't want to keep track of its applicants' original documents: receive, have custody, return when done, and respond to "where's my document" questions. If I were you, I'd submit copies with my application. If they want originals, they'll let you know. May 29 at 16:53

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The form appears to state explicitly that a printed color copy of both sides will suffice:

A color copy of applicant’s State of Michigan driver license or ID is acceptable.

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