I am going on a business trip mid June

will be staying in Baveno, Italy for 3 days.

The company is going to transport us to MXP (Malpensa Airport) where everyone is flying back home.

I have other plans that I will travel through BGY (Milan Bergamo Airport)

My flight from BGY is at 4:00 pm

I found a company called OrioShuttle that has trips from MXP to BGY but has 2 trips a day one at 9:15AM which is too early and the other at 3:30PM which is too late..

is there any other way to get from MXP to BGY?

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    You haven’t specified what time you will be able to leave from MXP, or the date (or at least the day of the week) but Google Maps lists quite a few options taking about 2 hours while a taxi should take about an hour.
    – jcaron
    May 27 at 21:20
  • Try google maps ("public transportation"), or rome2rio.com
    – Aganju
    May 29 at 3:33

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In the past, I have done train+bus, but there seem to be a shuttle now that goes from airport to airport. You can check it here busradar.

Also, have you thought of Ubering or using the Blablacar platform? It is quite handy.

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