I have a US J-1 visa that will expire on July 20th. I want to go to Mexico before I go back to my country on July 17th for 3 weeks. Will I be able to enter Mexico?

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    Will your J-1 program be finished when you go to Mexico? If it will be, when will it have ended? Will you re-enter the US from Mexico before returning to Thailand?
    – phoog
    May 15 at 10:38
  • I'm finished 20 july and I don't re-enter the US. I returning to thailand from mexico - Turkey - Thailand
    – Yaya
    May 15 at 20:52
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    So, to be clear, the question you are asking is, will Mexican immigration allow you to enter without a Mexican visa based on your valid, but soon-to-expire, US visa?
    – Dennis
    May 15 at 22:35
  • yes, like that.
    – Yaya
    May 16 at 1:10

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If your Thai passport and the US J-1 visa in your passport both remain valid at the time you travel to Mexico, you will be able enter Mexico for tourism and vacation, then fly back to Thailand without reentering the US.

Source: IATA Travel Centre.

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