I’m going to Salou in July, flying into Barcelona. What are my options for getting to Salou from the airport, and how can I decide among them? Are taxis at the airport reasonable or do I need to prebook? We'll be six people so may not fit in one taxi.

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    Six people is more than one taxi. "Reasonable" is in the eye of the beholder. May 10 at 18:50
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    What research have you done up to now?
    – Traveller
    May 10 at 20:07
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    Bear in mind this is roughly an hour's trip. Is there nothing into Reus (which is on the outskirts of Salou)?
    – user25730
    May 11 at 0:43

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  • Taxi might be an option, however be sure to get a taxi-van: regular taxis can carry no more than 4 passengers, probably 3 because many drivers might refuse to allow using the front seat as for COVID
  • Salou used to have a railway station, but the line was closed early 2020 when it was diverted inland. There is a station near Port Aventura that might or might not be convenient to you, but has poor service. Another option would be Vila-seca station, on the main line between Tarragona and Reus. For these, you will need to change on Barcelona Sants railway station.
  • Buses on the area are run by Plana, which is known to offer a poor service. Not sure if there's any direct route from Barcelona airport.

This is the bus schedule and it's current: https://empresaplana.cat/uploads/boxes-lineas-configuration/horario-temporada-alta-del-01052022-al-01112022-2.pdf I am a little bit unsure what the problem is, really.


Hire a private minivan.

It will have space for the 6 of you and all your luggage.

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