I wonder how I can find hotels in a given area that rent units with a separate bedroom.

I unsuccessfully tried:

but couldn't find such filters. I don't want to have to click on each hotel and read the room type descriptions to infer whether the hotel rents units with a separate bedroom.

Agoda has a "Number of bedrooms" filter but they put studio and 1 bedroom together:

enter image description here

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    For clarity, what do you mean by ‘unit with a separate bedroom’? A suite (bedroom & sitting room)? Two bedrooms with an interconnecting door? Searching ‘aparthotels’ might be worth a try?
    – Traveller
    Mar 23 at 9:50
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    @Traveller Thanks, I meant a suite (bedroom & sitting room). Mar 23 at 10:05

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The industry term for what you're looking for is a suite, which typically means you get a separate living room and bedroom, although you need to do some due diligence: some hotels have single-room "studio suites". A one-bedroom suite is what you need.

Tripadvisor has a Suites filter under Amenities, and there's even a dedicated suites only search engine called Suiteness. That said, it's worth also looking into serviced apartments/Airbnb, which gets you a kitchen as well and are quite often more affordably priced.

Tripadvisor's Suites filter:

enter image description here

  • Thanks, how do you activate the suite filter in Agoda? I couldn't find it. I just saw a "Number of bedrooms" filter but they put studio and 1 bedroom together. Mar 23 at 11:34
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    @FranckDernoncourt Huh, Agoda popped in search as offering suites but looks like it's just a string match. Tripadvisor has an actual suite search though, I've updated the answer. Mar 23 at 11:59
  • Some hotel suites include quite a useful kitchenette, but not all. Mar 23 at 15:21
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    Some hotel suites have separate rooms for the bed and living areas, but not all. Some suites are open plan.
    – shoover
    Mar 24 at 3:56
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    @shoover Yes, that's why the first paragraph says you need to do due diligence to exclude marketing abominations like the "studio suite". Mar 24 at 5:46

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