I've used the Habitaclia for renting apartments in Spain short/medium term (2-3 months). I am looking to do the same in Italy. I've tried Airbnb but it seems to be geared for even shorter durations (1-4 weeks).

Is there a website for Italian rentals akin to Spain's Habitaclia or those listed in the similar question for Berlin: Where can I find short term apartment rental offers in Berlin?

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Kijiji and Bakeca.it are two popular sites for classified ads, you'll need to know Italian though :)

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    You can always use Google Translate :)
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  • Google Translate usually gives an idea, but I have seen it convert negative to positive and vice versa. Never depend on it for anything important.
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    Unfortunately, you can't use yet Google Translator to speak over the phone to the landperson :-) Commented May 30, 2021 at 12:13

While AirBNB may not be as good as a site like that suggested, it does allow filtering the search in many ways. With the criteria shown here, 53 places in the entire country appeared. enter image description here Narrow done the location and increase the price and see what happens.

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