What are the documents required to enter the USA with prescribed opioid for back issues?

My Dutch friend has a doctor's prescription in English and has been told she must go to the US embassy in The Hague to get the prescription stamped. Then she must go to a court to have it validated. Are there any other requirements?

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The CBP webpage on entering the US with prescription medication says:

Prescription medications should be in their original containers with the doctor's prescription printed on the container. It is advised that you travel with no more than personal use quantities, a rule of thumb is no more than a 90 day supply. If your medications or devices are not in their original containers, you must have a copy of your prescription with you or a letter from your doctor. A valid prescription or doctors note is required on all medication entering the United States.

Thus: what's required is that the medicine be prescribed.

Using the original container, with current and correct information on the label, is preferred. In the alternative, a copy of the current prescription or a doctor's letter should be carried. It is suggested that no more than a 90-day supply be carried.

There is no need for stamping (whatever that is) or going to court.

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    "Stamping" probably refers to getting an apostille, but it sounds like that's not necessary
    – jdouglas
    Jan 21, 2022 at 23:10
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    This is correct as far as it goes, but the traveler should additionally check if the drug they are planning to bring is on the controlled substances list and be prepared to comply with 21 CFR 1301.26 if so; in particular, schedule I drugs are not allowed at all, and a declaration must be made at customs. I still can not find any evidence of this alleged stamping requirement.
    – mlc
    Jan 22, 2022 at 4:00
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    The word opioid suggests that this might be a case of a substance that a doctor in the Netherlands can legally prescribe as a medicine but the same substance just counts as an illegal drug in the US with no medical use. I don't know whether this is actually the case but I also don't know whether this answer would still be correct in this case.
    – quarague
    Jan 22, 2022 at 16:14

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