Where in the world can you still see German WWII U-boats or U-boat pens?

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Preserved U-boats [1]:

1) Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven, Bremen, Germany

2) Laboe Naval Museum, near Kiel, Schlweswig-Holstein, Germany

3) Birkenhead, Merseyside, UK

4) Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois, USA

5) Finnish submarine Vesikko, Helsinki, Finland

U-boat bases:

  • The five bases in occupied France were Lorient, Brest, Saint-Nazaire, La Pallice(/La Rochelle), and Bordeaux. Some parts of those pens remain.


[1]: AtlasObscura "Remains of the U-Boats’ Watery Reign: The Four Final Iron Coffins", a list of preserved U-boats

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    Last time I went to the sub pens at Bordeaux (Nov 2021) they had an astonishing son-et-lumiere installation that projected huge Klimt images onto the walls, while playing Wagner (and other composers) through enormous speaker systems. Wonderful experience, and more to your point, those pens are definitely still open.
    – MadHatter
    Jan 15 at 8:43
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    There is a prototype of the Type II class on display at on the fortress island of Suomenlinna just outside Helsinki, Finland suomenlinna.fi/en/visitor/museums/vesikko This is a list of surviving midget submarines uboat.net/fates/midget.htm I can add that there is also a Marder one-man torpedo at the Marine Museum in Aalborg, Denmark, springeren-maritimt.dk/en I have not been there in many years, but online photos suggest that it is still there. There is a U-boat assembly hall at Gdansk, Poland. I can't speak for the experience. Jan 15 at 13:55
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentin_submarine_pens might also be of interest, somewhat close to the Sub in Bremerhaven (< 50 miles). See denkort-bunker-valentin.de/index.php?id=108
    – schlenk
    Jan 15 at 16:50
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    @smci: events there are not meant as a sign of disrespect towards fallen soldiers/sailors/civilians. Since the buildings will probably always be there, the locals might as well use them to celebrate life. It took a few generations after WW2, though. What is there to see in Vannes? Jan 16 at 17:14

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