My admit until date is on Jan 13, and I was supposed to leave on Jan 12. Unfortunately, I received my covid test today (Jan 9) and it came out positive, so there's no way they will allow me to board the plane. I immediately went to the USCIS website to file for an extension online but the website is down. So, if ever the website starts working again tomorrow and I am able to submit my application for b2 extension ONLINE, will that be alright? Like, how long does it take them to give an acknowledgement that they got my online application?

I understand that I should have done this 45 days before my stay ends but here we are. I'm hoping to be able to submit it before Jan 13. I will also try and give them a call tomorrow for clarification about this but I'm just really really worried right now if it would even make it on time if I submit it online.

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    As long as the "received date" is before or on Jan 13, you are fine. Online applications should be received quickly. You should have enough time if you file now.
    – user102008
    Jan 10 at 3:36

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