I have rented a car at DCA to be returned at IAD. I knew I would have to pay the Dulles toll to drive to IAD, so I did my research online and I saw there would be cash toll booths where I would be able to pay with coins (quarters and one dollar coins).
I had the money required to pay the toll in quarters and I have tried to pay that way. However, for some reason, the machine refused all of my quarters and remained displaying "Pay $3.25".
I followed the instructions saying I would have to pay the missed toll online or by calling them, so I drove on.

The problem is instead of flagging it as a missed toll, the EZ Pass representative told me it was deducted from the EZ Pass the rental had. I asked if she could void the EZ Pass charge and allow me to pay manually for the missed toll, but she said there was nothing she could do.

Do I have any options to prevent the rental company from charging me a $15.00 administrative fee for the EZ pass per toll? I am trying to contact PlatePass (rental), but I don't have much hope.

The representative also told me she doesn't see the $1.50 off ramp charge anywhere (missed toll/EZ Pass). What should I do to prevent a penalty for not paying the $1.50 off ramp charge?

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    "I knew I would have to pay the Dulles toll to drive to IAD" -> This isn't true. The Dulles Access Road is free. Jan 6 at 17:23
  • @JacobHorbulyk True, but it was snowing and I thought the safest bet would be to take the faster way there from DC :)
    – gstorto
    Jan 6 at 18:19
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    It seems you've already contacted the most authoritative entity for this situation, which is EZ Pass. You could see if a different representative gives you a different answer, or try to escalate through their customer service. Jan 6 at 18:31

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