I need to travel from Germany to a country outside of the EU, where the CovPass code is not accepted. Additionally, when I export my vaccination certificate from the app into a PDF, it is mostly in Germany (except for a few tidbits in English).

Therefore, I am curious as to how I can get a physical vaccine certificate that is accepted for international travel.

  • How did you get the certificates loaded into the App? I first received a print-out from my local pharmacy and then loaded that into the app. I then kept the print-outs just for such a case. If you no longer have them, then the pharmacy should be able to issue them again if you go with your "Impfpass". BTW: The government do suggest keeping the print-outs in case they need to be scanned again, e.g. in case of changing your phone. Jan 13, 2022 at 6:21
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    BTW: It would be helpful if you stated your destination country. It helps people give correct advice. Jan 13, 2022 at 6:22

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The CovPass I am using creates a PDF where all the relevant information is in German and English.

The only portions not in English are the instructions on

  • how to scan in the QR-Code
  • where to go to find information for other EU countries conditions

none of which is required to varify your vaccination status.


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