I wish to apply for a UK visa from the USA. I'm an Indian citizen with a H1B.

On the UK gov website, it says I should have two options after filling in the online application form:

  1. Go to a VFS Premium Application Centre (costs extra 400USD)
  2. Go to an Application Support Centre to submit biometrics (free)

After I do fill in the application however, it only shows me the first option which is very expensive, i.e., VFS PAC.

Any idea why the Application Support Centres are not being listed on the uk gov website?

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    What kind of visa application are you submitting? Do you only see the VFS option on the page "Choose a service"?
    – xngtng
    Commented Dec 17, 2021 at 17:16
  • OP has not returned to clarify. vote we put on hold.
    – Mark Mayo
    Commented Dec 23, 2021 at 1:29


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