1. Which are most important words required while visiting countries having a different language understood by you?

  2. How do you manage a situation where you need to explain other person not understanding your language ?

Example: A Japanese on a holiday trip to India, what are the minimum words required for him/her to enjoy his trip? e.g He would like to ask following in Hindi... "Where is Tajmahal" ? So he should say "Tajmahal" kahan hai ?

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  • Hi PowerPC, as this question stands, it's overly broad as its asking for a complete phrasebook. The phrases that you'd need to know for a country would depend on the context. Phrasebook sections in most guidebooks would be a good starting point for this kind of information. – Ankur Banerjee May 4 '13 at 21:53

The most useful object I use to communicate with people is a pen and a notebook. This is perfect to sketch what you are trying to say, to write numbers, bus numbers, times and dates, and to draw maps.

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