I am flying from Las Vegas via American Airlines to Los Angeles to connect to Philippine airlines. I have separate tickets. Can I check my luggage through to my final destination if the tickets are separately issued?

If they have have the same locator number with separate tickets, will that qualify for a checked through? Can the travel agency can do that?

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According to this document from AA:

(...) when all the tickets are in the same PNR. Through check-in will be honored between the following carriers only:

  • American Airlines and American Eagle
  • oneworld airlines and affiliates

Philippine Airlines is not part of oneworld, so they will not do check-in to the final destination in this situation, even if the tickets were on the same PNR.

(Note that this is in the case of multiple tickets — they would perform through check-in to a non-OW airline if all flights were on the same ticket).

More details here

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