My passport is valid till May 2023. I have a valid US visa on it until 2025. However I am moving to Germany with my spouse in January 2022 as a dependent or with a work permit. I will then move alone to the UK/Canada/other EU countries for my studies in late 2022. Under such circumstances, how do I apply for my Indian passport renewal while I am still in India? Is it necessary to be present in the Passport Seva Kendra in India if I am applying for a visa renewal? Is there a possibility to renew my Indian Passport while I am in Germany, without coming back to India? Please help. Thank you, in advance, for all leads any of you can provide to me.

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You can apply for a new passport while in Germany at your local embassy / consulate of India, information on specifics are available at the Embassy of India website.

It can take up to 7 weeks for the new passport to be issued.

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