I have a 3rd country passport and my Fiktionsbescheinigung will expire by the end of 30.11.

Can I travel to Germany on this day without problem?

I had my temporary residence permit for many years before, but due to an urgent issue, I couldn't extend my residence permit in time (I have the Fiktionsbescheinigung until 30.11) in August for my travel to my home country.

In the meantime in November I will contact Ausländerbehörde as well for an appointment by the end of November or early in December if they have slot.

I just want to be sure nothing is bad here.

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So, I returned to Germany with Fiktionsbescheinigung, and it was expiring in only the next 3 days without problem.

  • I assume this was for an extension of an existing (and still valid when the renewal was applied for) residence permit (Last field checked with: § 81 Abs. 4). Reentry is always allowed. For the first 2 cases (§ 81 Abs. 3) and „Gilt nicht für Auslandsreisen“ has been written (or stamped), reentry is not allowed. Commented Dec 17, 2021 at 12:21

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