Bali is now open to some international arrivals (https://coconuts.co/bali/news/indonesia-finally-confirms-19-eligible-countries-as-bali-reopens-to-foreign-tourism-today/).

Is eligibility based on your passport country or the country you have been in for the last so many days, or what - does anyone know? My passport country is not on the list but at the point of travel I would have been in an eligible country for over a month.

The obvious place to look would be the government announcement referred to in the article, but I haven't found a link to it, and anyway I'd then be relying on Google translate.

  • A quick search seems to indicate that the information on the topic is still very partial, with few if any details published. The government's official page on the topic imigrasi.go.id/en/covid19-1 has 2 sentences in english and the rest in Indonesian. The list of regulations imigrasi.go.id/en/covid19-8 hasn't been updated since September 17th. I think you'll have to wait a bit for the actual rules to be published (though as lambshaanxy says, it is nearly always the countries you were in recently which count).
    – jcaron
    Oct 14, 2021 at 12:18

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Nearly universally, COVID "source country" restrictions are about where you are coming from and where you have been, not your passport.

Note that Immigration restrictions to get visas etc usually are based on your passport, and are cumulative to health restrictions.

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