I have purchased Wizz Go tickets and additional Wizz Flex for them. According to Wizz Air site:

WIZZ Go: free seat selection (excluding front row and extra legroom seats)

I've checked my booking on the web app, and I can change my seats for free, but can I do it multiple times before check-in for free?

I've checked General conditions of carriage of passengers and baggage and googled the question, but didn't find any information related to my question.

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I just checked it myself. It seems like with Wizz Go + Flex you can change your seats for free as many times as you want. I've changed my seats two times after initial booking before check-in, and I had the possibility to change seats after check-in for free as well.

Keep in mind, that Wizz Go allows you to choose seats for free except first row and extra legroom seats.

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