I'm in a situation that I haven't read about, but imagine wouldn't be super uncommon.

I'm a co-founder of and own 50% of a C-Corp entity. My other founder is a US citizen who owns the remaining 50%. We're a remote company, and I work as a contractor from Australia.

Am I allowed to visit the US on the VWP to meet my co-founder in person? What would be the best explanation for this?


  • Who pays your salary? The US entity, or someone else (eg, an Australian legal entity)?
    – Doc
    Sep 11 at 3:12
  • The US entity pays me as a contractor. I don't have an Australian entity, as I'm operating as a sole trader.
    – Smoko
    Sep 11 at 3:24
  • 2
    I have incorporated myself into a one person company to avoid this situation. When asked at the border, I could answer the truth: I am employed by a Canadian company. No one ever asked whether I also own the company (yes) or whether there are other employees (no).
    – chx
    Sep 11 at 4:59

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