I've found an itinerary on MyTrip.com that's well priced and can't seem to replicate the same fare on Google Flights. Is it safe to use?


Like almost any online travel agency (OTA), they have poor reviews as people find them hard to deal with when things go wrong, and almost never review when things go right!

I run Beat That Flight which searches cheap flights, and one of the OTAs indexed is MyTrips. I've booked with them before, and have had no problems.

However, one issue people can have is if their flight is cancelled - you need to get credit or whatever VIA the OTA, rather than the airline. And that can take time. If you contact the airline, they'll tell you to contact the OTA, who then contacts the airline on your behalf.

So yes, they're legit. Yes, they're often much cheaper. But complications can occur.

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    Heavy warning: there's no amount of money that is worth risking your entire trip. Because that's what you do when going with companies like these. Unless you are a very experienced traveler who can easily deal with, as Mark said, complications, just book with airlines. Always. That 20, 30, even 200 dollars is just not worth it.
    – chx
    Sep 11 at 20:24
  • Booking directly with airlines is no guarantee you'll get good customer service and help in the event of problems. Read about Ryanair or some other budget airlines.
    – Stuart F
    Sep 20 at 8:13

I was very skeptical given the negative TripAdvisor reviews but they support PayPal payments so I've figured I can always ask for a refund if it fails. Luckily it worked great - I've received all 3 confirmed PNRs within 30 seconds of completing the payment and all 3 PNRs worked correctly on the airline website. As far as I can tell MyTrip is legit.

Update: took the first two flights from the itinerary now, didn't encounter any issues.

Context: I was searching for a multi-city itinerary from Central Asia to America to Europe and SkyScanner suggested booking it in one click on MyTrip. It seemed priced better than what I could find on Google Flights, though later I've realized it was due to splitting the itinerary into separate tickets vs. booking it as a single ticket. I could've purchased it all via airline websites (and probably would've, if I realized MyTrip's price is the same as 3 separate tickets), but in the end it worked and saved me extra clicks, so I have no complaints. Though I imagine a less-experienced traveler would be irked due to not realizing the difference between separate tickets vs. a single itinerary.

NB: I'm not affiliated with MyTrip in any shape or form. Leaving this answer here as I couldn't find any credible reviews of their website and was nervous before booking.

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    Please come back after your trip and tell us how they handled problems, if any popped up.
    – Willeke
    Sep 7 at 17:24
  • I googled them (or rather 'Gotogate' as they mention that on their website) and it seems the difference might be in the booking conditions. You already mention that they booked you separate tickets rather than a multi-city. Perhaps it's worth comparing all the booking conditions on your booking with one of the more expensive options on SkyScanner to see if there are more notable differences?
    – JJJ
    Sep 8 at 1:06
  • @JJJ just checked and the only difference is that the single ticket on Emirates includes 23kg for both legs vs. 20kg if the Flydubai leg is separate. Otherwise same.
    – JonathanReez
    Sep 8 at 3:41
  • Are you sure you have tickets. See my answer.
    – chx
    Sep 11 at 4:30
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    If that comforts you... and what happens to your trip if the tickets are fake? (Or, not fake right now but get cancelled down the line?)
    – chx
    Sep 11 at 4:38

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