I entered the USA via Washington DC Dulles airport on 28 August, 2021 on a B2 visa. The immigration officer put an oval shaped stamp for 28 August, 2021 and hand wrote how long can I stay. Here comes the error. I guess he gave me a 6 month entry permit, till 27 February, 2022. But, he wrote 27 February, 2021. It's clearly a mistake which I realized later, I can't stay till 27 February, 2021 if I entered on 28 August, 2021.

Will it be a problem? Should I contact someone? Do they have any electronic record of how many days can I stay?

  • Check on i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home
    – vidarlo
    Aug 29, 2021 at 8:33
  • Thanks a ton. I could find my record based on the link you provided. It's written on the I94 that: Admit Until Date : 02/27/2022. But, still it's written 02/27/2021 on my passport. Should I be worried or contact someone?
    – Fuad Omar
    Aug 29, 2021 at 8:49
  • I’m pretty sure we had a similar question a few months ago. Can’t find it though.
    – jcaron
    Aug 29, 2021 at 10:33
  • Thanks. Do you remember the ultimate resolution he got?
    – Fuad Omar
    Aug 29, 2021 at 12:33
  • I bet that immigration officer was having a BadDay™ and that you weren't the only person he wrote the wrong year for.
    – Peter M
    Aug 29, 2021 at 14:56

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Do they have an electronic record?

Yes, as mentioned in the comments, https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov shows the electronic I-94 record. If it's different than what's written, that means one of them was a mistake. Print a copy of the electronic I-94 and save it forever, as evidence that the written date on the entry stamp was a mistake. The site usually won't show this record after you leave the US, so print it now.

Will it [the wrong written date] be a problem?

Maybe or maybe not. If you're leaving before the electronic I-94 end date and not returning to the US for a while, it's probably fine. OTOH, if you apply for an H-1B or another immigration status that requires adjudication in the future, it could be an issue to have to explain why it's a mistake.

Should I contact someone?

It's up to you, but I would request a correction just to be extra careful. Most CBP ports of entryCBP's Deferred Inspection Sites will make I-94 corrections in case of mistakes CBP made on the entry stamp or electronic I-94. Many of the sites are at airports and are open Monday-Friday in the morning before most international flights start to arrive. Bring all documents but mainly the passport and printout of electronic I-94, and they should correct the entry stamp.

  • Thank you so much. With the link given by you gentlemen, I was able to find my I-94 record. And it's showing the current date - 27 Feb 2022. I will try to show it to the airport to someone official.
    – Fuad Omar
    Aug 29, 2021 at 13:32
  • 1
    Rather than going to the airport, you should contact a CBP Deferred Inspection Site. cbp.gov/contact/ports/deferred-inspection-sites If you are still in the DC area there is a DIS located at IAD airport, however there are others that may be nearer.
    – Doc
    Aug 29, 2021 at 14:31
  • @Doc Thanks! Edited to clarify and add that link.
    – krubo
    Aug 29, 2021 at 15:42
  • 1
    Why would OP have to explain anything if they apply for H1-B? They only ask for your travel history, not actual copies of entry stamps. As long as I94 is correct I wouldn’t bother doing anything, especially since this is an obvious mistake where date of departure is prior to date of return. Would be a waste of precious travel time to go correcting it.
    – JonathanReez
    Aug 29, 2021 at 15:55

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