While on a Hungarian MÁV-START train, I noticed an odd sign saying that due to regulation, the bistro carriage will not be serving food while in Germany. From some googling, it seems that German trains often do have bistro carriages too, so I'm wondering whether this is some temporary rule due to the pandemic or something else?

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    @Sebastian That looks like an answer to me. Aug 28 at 15:24
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    @Sebastian Why though?
    – JohnEye
    Aug 28 at 15:28
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    @Sebastian that could be an effect and not the cause "since Hungarian trains cannot serve food in Germany [for X] the train company uses them to man trains going back from Germany, instead of carrying (and paying their salary) while idle".
    – SJuan76
    Aug 28 at 15:37
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    Because of corona restrictions, the DB restaurant cars only sell food for 'take away', that is, you are not allowed to eat in the restaurant car, but have to take the food to your regular seat and eat there. They are therefore currently using disposable instead of proper tableware as usual. My guess (and therefore not an answer): MÁV is also using proper tableware in their restaurant cars and they are neither willing to spend effort on collecting the tableware from everywhere in the train, nor to introduce disposable tableware just for the short stretches they are serving in Germany. Aug 28 at 16:42
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    You’ve just encountered yet another funny instance of Covid security theater :)
    – JonathanReez
    Aug 29 at 0:12

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