I will visit soon the north-east of Sicily (provinces of Catania and Messina).

I would like to know if there is any pedestrian trail starting from the town of Nicolosi (CT) and leading to the lodge known as Rifugio Giovanni Sapienza on Mount Etna, or any way to reach the latter from the former by just trekking.

I can't find any documentation about this specifically and my impression is that, if this one was a pedestrian itinerary it would be mentioned somewhere. I am aware of a bus connecting the two places, for excursions to start from Rifugio Sapienza. Two roads connect Nicolosi to Rifugio Sapienza (SP92 and via Catania) but both of them only seem to be an option by car.

I am collecting several info online but I have never used any specific app for trekking trails...including this time. Thanks in advance for any relevant information!

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It seems there is a trail, the Sentiero Silvestri number 789.


  • You were right!! Thank you, very very beautiful trail by the way :) Aug 5, 2021 at 16:16

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