Example (mirror, mirror 2):

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What does "PAX" mean on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Typically, PAX=passenger, but in that case I don't understand why the ticket says "passenger" there.

  • My guess is that the data shown is parsed from standardised rules included in the ticket or the fare rules and the parsing went wrong. Or the original formatting of that text.
    – jcaron
    Jun 10 at 23:01
  • FYI You show an image as supporting information about your question about Qatar airlines. That is sufficient. But then you add in a link to a PDF hosted on a government site in the country of Georgia, and to a random link shortener. Those links are totally unnecessary and potentially problematic and IMHO should be removed.
    – Peter M
    Jun 11 at 0:28
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    Wait, that's not even your own ticket? You just found a ticket image somewhere on the internet and are asking multiple questions about the exact notations that happen to be printed on the ticket? You can't possibly have knowledge of the exact terms under which that ticket was purchased. I don't think this sort of hypothetical question is suitable here. Jun 11 at 2:52
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    I read the line as saying Passenger Ticket, Coupons 1-4, Non-endorsable, Change Penalties Apply as per Rule. /shrug What penalties did you have to pay when you did not use your ticket and didn't cancel it within the time-frame allowed? Oh... you didn't do this, it isn't a problem you are trying to solve. hmmmm
    – CGCampbell
    Jun 11 at 14:30
  • 1
    It's not restating that it is a passenger ticket. It's saying the ticket goes by the rules of change penalties as apply to a passenger ticket with 4 coupons. Why is this so hard to understand and what does it matter?
    – CGCampbell
    Jun 11 at 17:06

Short answer: PAX=passenger, and the ticket says "passenger" there because the entire line "PAX /C1-4 NON END/CHNG PENALTIES AS PER RULE" was copied from the Amadeus program (which mentions PAX).

Looking at the Amadeus training manual (Jan. 2012), the PAX line comes from Amadeus:

enter image description here

and PAX means passenger:

enter image description here

Additionally, Locutus_WPC mentioned on Reddit:

In this context PAX probably refers to an adult passenger. Would’ve said CHD or INF if describing a child or infant fare.

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    This feels very muchas 'not an answer'.
    – Willeke
    Jun 11 at 18:39
  • @Willeke it does confirm that PAX = passenger, therefore it is an answer. Expansions are welcome though. Jun 11 at 18:41
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    @Aganju please note that it is absolutely fine and allowed to answer one's own questions on SE.
    – JoErNanO
    Jun 13 at 20:12
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    @JoErNanO : I know, and I support it. The focus in my comment is on ‘Frank’, ‘ton of’ and ‘theoretical’.
    – Aganju
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