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What does "C1-4 NON END" mean on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

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  • C1-4 : for flight coupons 1 through 4, inclusive
  • NON END : the coupon is non-endorsable, i.e. you cannot apply it toward travel on another carrier, so if another airline accepts it, Qatar will not pay them for it
  • CHNG PENALTIES AS PER RULE : change penalties apply according to the rules of the fare

These are common restrictions on discount economy fares.

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    Thanks what does "for flight coupons 1 through 4" mean? Jun 4, 2021 at 19:10
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    It's a term that dates back to paper tickets, referring to a discrete part of the ticket for which passage was valid for the passenger. For a simple case, if you're flying AAA-BBB-CCC and then CCC-BBB-AAA, you might expect to have four coupons: AAA-BBB, BBB-CCC, BBB-CCC, and BBB-AAA. A coupon doesn't necessary correspond to a segment, however.
    – choster
    Jun 4, 2021 at 19:18

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