What is the cheapest way to get from Nijmegen Central Station to Düsseldorf Weeze Airport and, after a trip of several days, back from the same airport to Nijmegen Central Station?

I want to minimise the cost, but the journey shouldn't take more than 2 hours and I need to be certain that I arrive at the airport on time. This means hitchhiking is not an option.

I have found a shuttle bus but it costs €18 for a single and €30 for a two-way ticket. I hope to find something cheaper.


You can take a bus from the Airport to Goch, then a train to Kleve (Niederrhein) and another bus to Nijmegen. Theticket from the Airport to Goch would cost 2,40 EUR
bus timetable

From Goch you can take a train to Kleve and then Bus SB58. One way ticket costs 10,50 EUR(VRR Tarif). DB-Bahn shows it costs 4,90 EUR, however I don't know if you have to pay extra for the part between Nijmegen and the Kranenburg (German Border). You can see the timetable on DB Bahn website vrr

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    I'm not sure if the €4.90 fee is only for the train part or for the full journey including the two busses. It does say partial fare and one needs to call a taxi bus 30 minutes in advance. As a taxi bus is involved it might mean that extra costs are also present. Apr 11 '13 at 14:17
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