On my next trip to Prague I would like to visit the Punkva caves and Macocha abyss. Can I get there by public transport or is it better to rent a car from Prague?

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By public transport it's little harder to get there, but yes, it is possible:

1) Go to Brno first. The easiest and most comfortable is by bus with the company Student Agency (it's very popular transport - I recommend to buy a ticket in advance - you can do it online)

2) Brno to Blansko by train and Blansko to Punkva caves by bus

Search departures on jizdnirady.cz (there is English version)

Fill in:

  Timetable: JMK Public Transport
  From:      Brno 
  To:        Blansko, Skalní Mlýn

and enjoy beauties of Czech Republic! :)

  • There are also direct trains from Prague to Blansko; this might be slightly cheaper than the above. You may then want to take a bus from the train station, or take a walk (a few km). Try the "Trains+Buses+Public transport" timetable at jizdnirady.cz - this will find both options, mine and @Lex Vjatkin's. May 10, 2013 at 13:33

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