I'm trying to login to the IRCC portal for Canada, and I'm getting an error.

Your session has expired

Error: Online Services

Your account is not authorized to access this IRCC portal. Please ensure you have chosen the correct link to log-in to.

I created this account some years ago. I was looking for free education in Canada and registered on a website for the GIC key. After that I was told that the free education was for Canadians only, and my account got blocked by that website (got an error of not authorized).

Now, I'm trying to create an express entry account/profile, and I'm getting an error of not authorized. I tried writing an email to the Canada.ca support, and I didn't get their response for this technical error. I'm hoping to immigrate to Canada, and I'm stuck with this authorization error.

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    Any reason why you could not or does not want to make a new account? – xngtng May 17 at 12:59
  • Create a new account? If I create a new account, can I change my email address at a later stage? I have an official email address and don't know if the ircc website would allow me to use an alternate email address – mk117 May 22 at 18:07
  • Is the ircc portal account only for the visa? Or is it an official account for Canadian settlement? Does the account get removed after approval of the visa? I could use a temporary account in that case. Thanks! – mk117 May 22 at 19:57
  • What do you mean by official email address? You might need to use another email address for the new account since the old one is already in use. The IRCC doesn't care what email address you use as long as it can reaches you by that address. – xngtng May 24 at 11:22

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