I have money in both BTC and USD in my Coinbase wallet. I'm a US citizen going to the EU.

  • I'd suspect not. The USD would count but they need evidence of cash - even if it was accepted that BTC was a value-thing at the border, it can take time to transfer that to cashs if you needed it. Similarly, gold or stocks I would wonder - they usually ask for a bank statement. The irony is with online banks you could edit the html and print off a fake $1,000,000 account balance, but BTC might raise more issues :/ – Mark Mayo May 5 at 2:42
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    IF you do travel with it, AND are asked for evidence and you use the BTC, PLEASE do come back and let us know what happened though! Very interesting new case! – Mark Mayo May 5 at 2:43
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    Not your question, but keep in mind that USD in Coinbase accounts may not be FDIC insured. I, personally, would rather trust a bank with cash deposits than Coinbase. – Zach Lipton May 5 at 5:57
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    Yeah really, keeping money in Coinbase is what currency speculators do. You don't do it with money you can't afford to lose. So if that's the only money you show them, it shows you're a) dumb or hiding something, and b) intending to use Bitcoin for your transactions in their country. "Isn't Bitcoin that thing criminals use?" It would influence their decision of whether to admit you. Which is a decision, you know, they don't have to let you in. – Harper - Reinstate Monica May 5 at 18:45

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