I recently received an email about track maintenance to the tram network. It included the following sentence:

Track at the corner of Fletcher Gate and Victoria Street – believed to be one of the sharpest bends on a UK tram system - will be replaced to ensure tram services can continue to be provided safely and reliably.

Here is the location of said curve: (52.9532937, -1.1453881). I’d estimate it to be around a 20m radius.

I am now, of course, interested in what the sharpest (smallest radius) bend is in a tram track.

I’d be interested in tram tracks from around the world, although it would be nice to know if the Fletcher Gate / Victoria Street bend is the sharpest in the U.K.


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Maybe the Green Line in Boston? According to Wikipedia it has a minimum radius of 10m. That must either be the Boylston Street turn or the entrance to North Station. There is an actual STOP sign at the tunnel entrance and then the speed limit in the tunnel is posted at 3 miles/hour. The ride at this spot is accompanied by a good awful squeal that takes your eardrums out.

  • I think that may have been at the Lechmere turnaround, which would make this out-of-date, as that loop of track has been taken up as part of the Green Line Extension project.
    – Andrew Ray
    Jul 12, 2021 at 19:40

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