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This is a screenshot from an 11foot8 video. Notice the phone number on the All My Sons truck: **MOVE.

I know that you can dial in the letters as numbers if you check the letters on your keypad, but I've never seen those two asterisks before. What do they represent? I haven't found anything on All My Sons' website (looks like their number has changed).

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  • Certainly doesn't immediately strike me as a phone number.... so they've had to prefix it with "call" to show that. – Criggie Apr 17 at 23:01

These are special "StarStar" numbers offered by StarStar Mobile: https://www.starstarmobile.com/

So the asterisks don't really represent anything, they're literal representations of * key/button you find on any phone.

While I'm not familiar with the details of the implementation, it appears to be a clever hack on VSCs, which are how telcos let you control various telephony features via the network itself:


So presumably the Star Star folks have struck a deal with the big telcos to route any calls starting with ** their way, and they can then forward the calls to the paying customers.


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