From CCU we will be arriving at Dubai T2 at 05:55 on Flydubai and thereafter will be transiting for Seattle on Emirates departing from T3 at 09:55.(All in one single ticket)

How we may reach T3 from T2? Are we required to re-checkin in Dubai for our onward journey?

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    Is this on one ticket or did you book the flights separately. – Willeke Apr 10 at 7:47
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    It is on single ticket. – user99318 Apr 11 at 12:28
  • To actually get there, Dubai airport has a pretty extensive tram network. – user25730 Apr 15 at 3:57
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    @user25730 T2 is the odd one out, it's the LCC terminal and not directly connected to the rest. – lambshaanxy Apr 15 at 10:46

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