I was expecting a train to go. But, no matter where I look there is no train connecting the two cities. Nor a bus.

I based my assumption on https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Gdynia/%C5%81eba which states there should be a train. Other sources also refer to trains.

I expected to find the connection on either https://www.intercity.pl/en/ or https://rozklad-pkp.pl/en Both display 'no route found'.

I checked Flixbus and Blablacar, both with no success.

I really want to go to Slowinski Park Narodowy over the weekend. Does anyone know how I could get there - taxi would cost 75€ one-way, according to rome2rio.

I verified the top answer (Cuba). Currently there are cunstruction works at Lebork - to find the bus, exit the train station to your left. The buses have a sign telling you where they go.


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There are connections, you can find plenty of them on e-podroznik.pl. Most (all?) of them are the same:

  • Gdańsk Główny (main station) to Lębork by train (regional or Intercity), cost: 16 PLN
  • Lębork to Łeba by bus (Trede TRANS or Boguś BUS), cost: 12 PLN

It takes 2-3 hours depending on the connection and there's a train leaving Gdańsk. Total price is 28 PLN (around 6€).

Both websites that you mentioned only look for trains and they're not aware that there are buses going to Łeba, that's why you weren't able to find any connection.

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Check https://www.e-podroznik.pl/

I see plenty of options there with a connection in Lębork.


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