My flight arrives at DXB in Terminal 3 (EK649) and departs also from Terminal 3 (EK261). I don't have the arrival or departure gate numbers but both of them are in Terminal 3. I tried looking at the DXB map but I'm not quite sure I understand how to get from the arrivals to the departures in Terminal 3?

Can someone explain?


If memory serves right, you just get off the plane and follow the signs to "Connections" and/or directly to your departure gate. You will probably have to go through security again and you may have to take the train between "A" and "B & C".

If you don't know the gate just look it up at the nearest info display.

Do NOT go to anything saying "Exit" or "Baggage Claim".

Here are some videos:

From Emirates websites https://www.emirates.com/us/english/before-you-fly/dubai-international-airport/transferring-between-terminals/

It’s easy to connect to another Emirates flight in Dubai. All our flights arrive and depart from Emirates Terminal 3 at Dubai International airport. When you arrive, simply follow the signs to Connections and make your way to the gate for your next Emirates flight.

  • I assume it's still the case that DXB has you go through security when making a connection, so it's not quite just going to the gate, but agreed that you just follow the signs for connecting flights and you'll end up in the right place. Mar 25 at 23:39

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