Do you need to install DXB Smart App for transiting through DXB airport? I installed it anyway on iOS and tried to register but it hangs at "Please wait" and then just does nothing.

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    Is there any particular reason you think it might be required?
    – Chris H
    Mar 25 at 15:34

The app seems to just be a way to get information on the covid situation in Dubai, and contact the local health authorities if necessary.

Are you required to use the app? It's hard to prove a negative, but I see no evidence. Beyond the fact that it would prevent anybody transiting who, for example, doesn't own a smartphone:

Absolutely nothing on the airport's info page for connecting passengers suggests the app is required for passengers transiting through Dubai airport. The app has been available since at least April 2020, so it seems safe to assume that a major airport like Dubai would have updated the information by now if use of this app were in any way required.

The app's pages on the app stores for Apple or Android devices don't suggest it's required, either.


Cell phone ownership is not yet mandatory, so clearly NO, you are not required to have the app installed.

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