When looking up my I-94 on the official CBP website I see the following error:

The data from the server was incorrect.

I'm seeing the same error while looking it up for another fellow traveler. Is the CBP website broken?

  • Related question. They seem to be having a lot of issues in the past year... – JonathanReez Mar 24 at 2:37
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    I don't think this needs a downvote. I hit the same issue, googling brought me to this page and the solution below actually worked. – Arun A K Apr 21 at 17:17

For me, I was trying to access the website on my company laptop, opening on my personal laptop on Chrome solved the issue.

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    Does that mean Google is now collaborating with NSA instead of competing with them? – WGroleau Apr 6 at 20:27
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    This answer worked for me. Disconnecting my VPN and retrying; helped me get past the error. – user117810 May 6 at 0:00

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