I made a booking today at the Residence inn by Marriott in Gaithersburg but there was no place at the booking to put that my husband and I are senior citizens. How can I claim a discount? My trip is in April 2021.

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    What makes you think there is a senior discount? – Aganju Mar 6 at 22:04
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    How about calling them on the phone and asking? – DavidSupportsMonica Mar 6 at 22:49
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    Did you book on the official Marriott website or through a 3rd party? The official website offers a dropdown box with discounts, and "Senior Discount" is one item there. – dunni Mar 7 at 13:11
  • Which Gaithersburg? Maryland? Most hotels are independently owned and operated franchisees, and contacting the property directly rather than going through the corporate office can yield better results. – choster Mar 7 at 18:19

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