Do water chestnuts grow in Colombia? Or is it possible to buy them there? I'm assisting a film crew that's on location for a cooking documentary, and they would like to blend an asian fusion dish with local Colombian ingredients. Unfortunately, they do not speak the local language and are having a hard time finding water chestnuts in Bogotá.

  • Are any local Colombian cooks participating in the documentary? They'd know. Feb 27 at 3:55
  • 1
    Is searching for "castaña de agua Bogotá" not working for you?
    – Obie 2.0
    Feb 27 at 3:57
  • 1
    Just searching for that came up with Prodelagro and some other places. It seems like this is the sort of question that could be asked about any food, so I am not sure it has much to do with Bogotá. Bogotá has a population of 7 million and a good number of international restaurants, so I suspect that you will be able to find almost anything you could want. Hiring a translator or even just using the Google translate app with a cook from a Chinese restaurant would probably work too, but an Internet search should be quite sufficient.
    – Obie 2.0
    Feb 27 at 4:03
  • I don’t know, but “it is grown in many countries.” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleocharis_dulcis. es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleocharis_dulcis
    – WGroleau
    Feb 27 at 5:53
  • @DavidSupportsMonica, You recently sought help in finding pharmaceutical drugs in Argentina in this forum. Let's try to empathize with and help each other as we travel. Mar 1 at 19:28

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