I am a citizen of Haiti, currently working in South Africa. I have to travel to Port-au-Prince for family reason. Can I transit to the US? I have B1/B2 visa and will take a covid test prior departure.

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    Just as a matter of grammar, your use of the words "in" and "at" are confusing. The correct term would be "transit the US". – JoelFan Feb 22 at 22:07

No. Foreigners who have been physically present in South Africa in the 14 days before coming to the US are banned from entering the US by Proclamation 10143. You must be able to enter the US in order to transit the US (everyone arriving in the US must immediately enter the US, even if doing an international-to-international transit; the US does not have sterile transit).

You do not fall within any of the listed exceptions. You also do not fall into the exception for H2 workers who have been in South Africa, because you are coming to the US on B2.

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    Of course a way to transit is to spend over 14 days in another country which is not blacklisted and will allow you in. Probably not an easy task, though. – jcaron Feb 22 at 20:14

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