I am a French citizen, US permanent resident, California resident and currently located in California, US. I am applying for some visa: the visa application requires a letter of verification stating that the applicant has no criminal record, which must be issued from a US state or Federal Bureau of Investigation. In my case I believe this means I have to request a record clearance from the California DOJ (Department of Justice) for visa/Iimigration purposes on https://oag.ca.gov/fingerprints/visaimmigration

On the Request Form (Request Visa/Immigration - Form BCIA 8016 VISA (Live Scan), pdf), am I supposed to write anything in the "Type of License/Certification/Permit OR Working Title", and if so, what? Record clearance? I am confused if that's a Type of License/Certification, or whether submitting the form already means that I request a record clearance or that the "Type of License/Certification/Permit OR Working Title" is optional for some kind of special requests.

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There is an instruction guide on the page I think you intended to link.


It says for Type of License/Certification/Permit OR Working Title: Write a brief explanation of why you need a copy of your criminal history record; and for examples: "Work Visa, Student Visa, Immigration, Letter of Good Conduct, Police Certificate, or Citizenship."


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