I had a layover in the UK recently on a trip from the U.S. to the EU, where I had to exit the international transfer zone to check in for the next flight. I did not complete a passenger locator form.

In principle, a "passenger locator form" is required for all entries to the UK due to COVID. However, my entry was for about one hour, and I did not leave the airport.

I am wondering, did I really violate anything, and could there be any consequences the next time I enter the UK?


If nothing happened then and there, you're all good. However, you did indeed break the law, and had you been asked for it (you usually aren't), you would've faced a £100 fine.

In fact it's even required if not leaving the transit area. While check-in/gate staff mostly haven't been checking it, for my very most recent flight (from CPH), CFS staff weren't letting anyone without a completed form on the flight.

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